What To Consider When Choosing A Garage Floor Coating

For the casual home do-it-yourselfer, the discerning homeowner or a person who just likes to have a nice space to work on or store their vehicles, making improvements to a garage is a great option.

One important consideration is what to do with the concrete flooring to improve on the aesthetics while also making it more durable and protective. The good news is that there are actually several different garage floor coating options to consider.

Comparing the differences can help you to determine which is the best option for your needs for a residential garage.


Paint is the lowest cost option and also an easy option for doing it on your own. There is still the important factor of surface prep to consider. This needs to include removing all oil, grease or chemical residue as well a filling all cracks and damaged areas before painting.

The biggest drawback to paint is that will peel and flake over time. It is also particularly prone to pulling up when the vehicle is driven into the garage with hot tires. Any leaks of fluid from the vehicle can also cause the paint to lift or stain.

Epoxy Coatings

There are two different options in epoxy garage floor coating options. One is the “flooring in a can” type of solution sold at the local hardware store. This will have limited color options but will last longer than paint. Surface prep is also key with this type of do-it-yourself solution.

The second and better option for epoxy garage floor coating is to have it completed by a professional service specializing in garage floor treatment. This will give the advantage of full surface prep, epoxy coating, custom colors and options and even a clear surface coat to prevent slipping if the surface becomes wet.

Keep in mind these professionally applied epoxy coating can offer a lifetime warranty, full UV damage protection and a quality of flooring at a very reasonable price. They also resist stains, don’t lift or peel and will add to the aesthetics of your residential garage.

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