Dealing with a sewage backup

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Even the best designed sewer system can only cope with so much water. In the event of a torrential rain or heavy rain for a few days straight, water can backup, resulting in a flooded basement or even worse. Sewage backup in Milwaukee can pose serious threats to your health, including contamination of your drinking water supply, and of course, it poses a messy cleanup problem.

Safety first:

If a sewer backs up, never flush any of the toilets in your home, all you will do is make the problem worse. If there are animals and kids in your home, make sure they are kept well away from the problem area. If there is standing water near power outlets, wear rubber soled shoes or boots while you disconnect the power supply.

Report the problem:

If the drains in your home empty into the municipal sewer system, contact the city public works department and report the problem. If your drains empty into a septic tank you may be better off contacting a company that deals with sewage backup in Milwaukee. As your homeowners insurance may cover the cost to repair the damage and replace damaged possessions you should take plenty of pictures, your insurance company will need these, especially if you started the cleanup before the adjuster arrived.

Cleaning up:

It may be in your best interest to hire a professional service, these companies have all the right equipment and knowledge on how to clean up and salvage as much as possible.

If you think the task is something you can cope with you must protect yourself. Wear rubber boots, rubber gloves, protective glasses or goggles and a rubber apron. Never come into direct contact with raw sewage, if you have any open cuts or abrasions they must be covered and protected. Even if you do tackle the cleanup you should have a restoration company deal repair and replace that which needs professional attention. Visit Flood Doctors.

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