Ways to Prepare for the Installation of the Tin Ceiling in Long Island, NY

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Decorative ceilings are the new wave in home decor. While they have always been around in some form, modern trends are considering the ceiling as a new focal point. One of the options for ceilings is the use of tin. This lightweight material has numerous style and color options. After deciding on a particular color and style, these are the ways to prepare the ceiling for installation.

The preparation for the tin ceiling Long Island NY begins by taking a look at the light fixtures. If changes are to be made in this area, the electrician will need to pay a visit first. Make sure that the new lighting plan is implemented before the installation day. Since all holes in the drywall will need to be patched first, allow a few days for the electrician to rewire the system. The tile is cut around these lighting fixtures. After the installation, it will be very difficult to move the lighting fixtures.

If any type of ceiling enhancement, such as the addition of wood beams, is planned, these should also be installed first. The tin ceiling Long Island NY will be inlaid around the beams. It is difficult to install the tin ceiling without having these enhancements in place first. The ceiling may also be damaged if the beams go in last.

While the tin ceiling Long Island NY, can hide some things such as stains, it still needs a strong base of drywall to support it. Water leaks may have compromised the integrity of the drywall. This can create soft spots in the ceiling drywall. All soft spots and leaks in the ceiling need to be repaired prior to installation. Holes also need to be patched up and smoothed out to provide a level surface for tile adhesion.

Once committing to the tin ceiling, the area must be prepared for the installation. Make all lighting changes ahead of time. Install any extra enhancements on the ceiling first. Check the ceiling to ensure the drywall is not compromised. Once this has occurred, the ceiling is ready for its new look. Visit Abingdon Construction for information on installing a tin ceiling in your home.

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