Dry Your Hands Hygienically and Help the Environment with Fast Drying Hand Dryers for Restrooms

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

In a highly mechanized world, where deforestation and globalization rule the day, one unsustainable use of paper can end up endangering the fragile balance of the eco-system. Think of all the time you had to use paper towels in bathrooms after washing up. Every time you use a paper towel, it is as though you are cutting down a tree just to dry your hands after getting them wet. The solution to this problem is very simple.

The solution lies in fast drying hand dryers for restrooms. After years of exploiting Mother Nature for all her treasures, it is time we learn to live responsibly and use products sustainably. These hand dryers are the perfect solution to the decreasing amount of landfill waste. By switching to mechanized dryers to dry your hands after using the restroom, you will be saying no to the inappropriate use of paper and cutting down of trees for yet another frivolous necessity of the human race.

How do Automated Hand Dryers Work?

There are many advantages to installing fast drying hand dryers for restrooms. These automated hand dryers come with a motor life that is twice that of many other electrical appliances. Running at 350 watts with a universal voltage of 110 to 240 volts, they will emit no heat and last longer due to their clever energy optimization technology. These dryers come complete with HEPA filtration and function noiselessly. They are highly efficient for places prone to high traffic and come with a hand dryer cavity opening that is just perfect for drying hands. To make life easier, these hand dryers come with a high-quality single port nozzle and functions effortlessly, utilizing only 950 watts of energy.

Save Money and the Environment

A one-time installation of hand dryers will secure the future of your savings for good. With paper towels, the problem lies in continuous investment. The stock of paper towels needs to be replenished on a painstakingly regular basis. Moreover, it is highly inconvenient to exercise regulations on the use of paper towels. One never knows when one has to dry one’s hands. Installing fast drying hand dryers for restrooms will solve the problem of drying hands over a longer period of time.

Studies have shown that switching from paper towels to automated hand dryers can reduce the cost of monthly expenditure by as much as $400. These dryers are also energy efficient. Because of their cost-effective mechanisms, automated hand dryers require a minimal amount of electricity to operate.  Thus, if the astronomical cost of electricity is playing on your mind, perish the thought because automated dryers are just the thing for you.

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