Tips for Controlling Ants in The Lawn

Are you looking to get rid of an excessive number of ants in your lawn, garden, or on your property in general? There are a variety of tips to be found for ant control, but in many cases, people go to a local pest control company if they’re not able to successfully handle the problem.

Ants can be bothersome for more reasons than disrupting a picnic. Excessive ants can leave lawns unsightly with their mounds / ant hills. And they often make their way indoors, too, seeking food sources.

Some people go to a pest control company from the start, instead opting to leave it to the professionals. Below are tips for those who want to attempt to do their own ant control as well as tips for those seeking a local Pennsylvania exterminator who can help you get rid of ants fast.

Natural Ant Deterrents
There are commercial products available, such as ant traps or substances that can be put down to either repel them or trick them into eating substances that will eliminate their nests.

For those interested in more natural options to deter or eliminate them, Boric acid (Borax) and diatomaceous earth (DE, an anti-clumping agent often added to pet food) can naturally dehydrate ants and many other crawling insects, causing them to die off.

Some people spray their lawn with vinegar or soapy water as well, with some success.

Many find ants nesting near outdoor trash receptacles and recycling bins. Keeping them rinsed and rinsing out cans and bottles of sticky residue can help you avoid attracting insects and other pests.

Citrus peel is also said to send ants in another direction.

Ant Control from the Professionals
Whether it’s carpenter ants, pavement ants, or odorous ants that you’re dealing with, a professional will locate nests and treat them.

Pest control companies in Pennsylvania have proven processes and industrial-grade insecticides that can help you stop an ant infestation.

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