The Value Of Adding A Garage To Your Home

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

A garage provides many benefits for homeowners. The primary purpose of a garage is to protect cars from the ravages of the elements and vandalism, but a garage can do far more than that. A garage is an ideal place to store gardening equipment, bicycles, tools and many other items. However, a garage does more than house your car and provide additional storage. A garage adds considerably to the value of a home, boosting the return on investment when the home is sold.

* Home value: A garage is an excellent investment. Average garage prices in Indiana for a mid-range two-car structure are a little over $48,000. A standard size garage, a 26-foot square, will add over $31,000 to the resale value.

* Return on investment: A garage addition is one of the best home improvements or additions that can be made. On average, a typical bathroom or kitchen renovation will recoup just over half of the cost when the house is sold. The payback on a typical garage is about 65 percent.

There is far more to the value of a garage than the return on investment. There are several ways, some of which are rarely considered, where a garage can pay significant dividends. A garage protects your cars from the elements and vandals; it also gives a great deal of easily accessible storage space. Without a garage, the only option when you need space is to rent a storage unit which is costly and, in most cases, inconvenient.

Garage prices in Indiana vary based on construction; an attached garage is less costly because it requires three walls, not four. However, in many cases, an attached garage causes significant problems when trying to tie it into the structure of the house.

There are decisions that must be made; however, there are also many options from which to choose. It is always a good idea to plan your new garage with the help of an experienced garage builder.

Garage prices in Indiana are based on a number of factors including size and amenities. To discuss the details and pricing of your new garage, contact Garage Guys of Indiana, Inc.

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