Latest Trends In Kitchen Design In Carlsbad

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Home Improvement

When a person has some extra money in their budget to make updates and upgrades in their home, the most common room that they have done is their kitchen. The kitchen is the room where the family cooks and gathers together. Before the homeowner starts planning their kitchen remodel, they should know the latest trends in Kitchen Design in Carlsbad.

Open Concept

Years ago, homes were very compartmentalized. Homes had a separate kitchen, a separate dining room, and a separate living room. Today, an open concept is highly in demand. Homeowners are having non-weight bearing walls removed so that the kitchen, dining area, and living room are all opened up. It adds more light to the home and it is great for entertaining.

Kitchen Islands

Just about every kitchen remodel today includes a kitchen island. Not only does an island provide more counter space, it also adds more seating and storage in the kitchen. Some kitchen islands include a cooktop or a sink, and some are just an island. The design trend in kitchen islands today is granite countertops. Granite adds more style and elegance to the island.

Designer Backsplash

Years ago, homeowners would paint the space behind their sink and their countertops. Today, the trend is much more flashy. Most homeowners are installing a decorative tile backsplash in these areas to add some color to the kitchen and make it look more modern.

Decorative Lighting

Most kitchen remodels include decorative lighting. Many homeowners today are putting LED lights underneath their cabinets. Not only does this add more light to the kitchen, it adds warmth as well. Also, hanging decorative light fixtures are often added above the kitchen island.

Custom Cabinets

Homeowners who want to give their homes a true, high-end look tend to have their kitchen cabinets custom made. Today’s cabinets are often built to go from the floor to the ceiling. This will reduce the amount of wasted space that often comes with manufactured cabinets. Also, the homeowner will have additional storage space in the cabinets if they go all the way to the ceiling. While custom cabinets will cost much more than manufactured cabinets, they are well worth the investment.

If a homeowner is considering a kitchen remodel, they should brush up on the latest trends in Kitchen Design in Carlsbad. For more information, contact Business Name.

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