Get Skylight Advice From a Roofing Business in Joplin, MO

Reroofing is an expensive affair. Expert labor, quality materials, and insurance aren’t cheap. With that said, it can be quite tempting to take shortcuts in areas such as skylight replacement. Below are several reasons for area homeowners to opt for new skylights from a roofing business in Joplin MO.

It’s a Good Value

The cost to re-flash a skylight is between $300-$500, and a replacement can cost up to $1500 depending on various factors. If there are multiple skylights in the home, the price differential per unit is smaller. Homeowners should think of long-term savings and consider new skylights if possible.

Seal Failure is Expensive and Messy

While the price differential is minor if a skylight is replaced during a re-roofing job, getting it done afterward can be costly. Homeowners should ask themselves whether the old skylights are worth saving and consider that seals start to fail at roughly 10-15 years of age.

Leaks are Easy to Create

While a skylight may have worked well for years, a re-roof will disturb it regardless of the contractor’s skill. Leaving them installed only to deal with a leak afterward isn’t worth the time, money, or hassle, especially when one considers that the re-flashing process disturbs the skylight as well. Not only will re-flashing a skylight increase the chance of a leak, it will void the warranty in most cases. Consult a local roofer to learn how to repair and replace skylights without causing leaks.

All Skylights Eventually Need Replacement

Like everything else, skylights have a finite lifespan. An inexpensive Plexiglas skylight can quickly crack and warp. Choosing to re-flash a skylight can cause moisture buildup and leaks, and it can lead to energy losses as well.

Ultimately, the choice to re-flash or replace a skylight rests with the homeowner. However, if the owner decides to re-flash, the Roofing Business in Joplin MO may ask them to sign documents stating that the company won’t be held liable for future leaks. To learn more about the basics of roof repair and skylight replacement, call a local roofer for advice today or visit the website to get more information.

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