The Most Popular Trends In Residential Landscaping in Morristown NJ

One of the best ways to add curb appeal to a home and increase the value of a property is to create a customized landscape design that incorporates local flora and beautiful natural elements. Attempting to create Landscaping in Morristown NJ can be complicated, but a professional landscape company can help and include the most popular trends, so a yard is not only beautiful but has a modern look and feel. Here are the most popular elements homeowners are incorporating to give a garden a fresh and beautiful appearance.

Fountains and Koi Ponds

Water features dress up an outdoor area and can create a relaxing sound that can help family and friends unwind at the end of a long day. Some homeowners take their water features to the next level and choose to incorporate koi ponds to add a source of whimsy that requires little maintenance. A professional designer can create a fountain and pond feature that will add beauty and provide the ultimate in relaxation

Stamped Concrete

Laying stones for a patio or walkway can be expensive and time-consuming, so to avoid this, many homeowners now incorporate the use of stamped concrete. The installation team will pour the concrete in the predetermined area and smooth it off to remove any air bubbles and ensure a smooth surface. They will then use rubber stamps to create the illusion of rock or stone without the use of back breaking labor.

Decorative Hardscapes

One of the easiest ways to differentiate various spaces in a garden and add height is to build a variety of decorative hardscapes. A contractor will typically construct walls using concrete block and then cover them with a facade of rock, which provides a natural look. Hardscapes can also be used as retaining walls, which makes them as functional as they are beautiful.

Trying to design an outdoor space can quickly become overwhelming and leave a homeowner struggling to determine the best elements to incorporate into their yard. Fortunately, the experts at Bednar Landscape can help by providing full design services for Landscaping in Morristown NJ. Be sure to check out It is the first step in transforming a dull and boring yard into a beautiful oasis.

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