It’s That Time Of The Year To Think About Chimney Repair In Brookline MA

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

The cooler nights have arrived, and it’s a great time to think about chimney repair in Brookline MA. The weather and the heat of a chimney can cause the mortar to deteriorate and cause a fire. Chimneys are often overlooked and a taken-for-granted feature of a home. Regular maintenance on a chimney is essential to prevent deterioration and costly chimney repairs. A chimney’s construction consists of mortar, brick, concrete block, stone, steel, flue tile and cast iron. Some chimneys can have a variety of these materials. All of these materials can be adversely affected when water comes in contact with them.

Stone is the only chimney material that won’t suffer accelerated deterioration when repeatedly in contact with water provided the stone is bonded together properly. The freeze and thaw process that occurs during the winter causes expansion which causes stress on the chimney. Any water that reaches the metal on the chimney will cause it to rust and become weaker. Water penetration will cause:

     *     Chimney settlement.

     *     Cracked flue lining systems.

     *     Staining of the walls and ceiling.

     *     Rusted dampers.

     *     Tilted chimneys.

     *     Rotted wood that’s adjacent to the chimney.

When water and creosote mix together in a chimney, a foul smell can enter a home. A fireplace firebox receives a lot of heat and abuse. If the mortar joints are eroded, or any of the bricks are loose, it should be repaired before the fireplace is used again. The mortar crown is located at the top of a chimney and should be repaired if there’s cracks or missing pieces. Failure to repair the mortar crown will result in extensive water damage to the chimney and the structure. Small cracks in the mortar will cause smoke from the fireplace to leak through the side of the chimney. Chimney repair in Brookline MA should only be performed by an experienced restoration company. Improper chimney repairs can cause a fire in the chimney and further water damage.

Enjoy a crackling fire this winter by having the chimney inspected and repaired by a highly-trained restoration technician. For more information on mortar repair of a chimney or a brick and mortar structure, please feel free to click here.

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