Forget Pavement: Why Concrete Driveways in Coldwater, MI Are the Smart Choice

There is no question that dirt driveways increase the dust and mud inside the home, deposit more dirt on vehicles and are not as visually attracted as finished ones. Many homeowners automatically assume that this means have asphalt installed, but there is another option. Concrete Driveways in Omaha NE are a cost-effective, versatile and durable choice.

Comparing Material Costs

Asphalt is the less expensive material when factoring only the installation cost. However, anyone maintaining a home knows that installation if only a small part of the overall cost of any feature or accessory inside and around a home. The real expense is the annual cost of caring for that feature. This is where concrete excels over asphalt. Concrete needs less maintenance and lasts at least a decade longer than asphalt.

Choosing for Versatility

Concrete offers a number of custom design options. Professional installation can include stamping, molding and coloring. The patterns and colors can mimic what is in the home or be something entirely unique that accentuates the house and garage. Stamped and molded concrete or driveways and walkways in colors that coordinate with the home increase the curb appeal of the property and improve property values as well.

Appreciating the Durability

Concrete Driveways in Omaha NE are constructed from a man-made product that is formed from only natural materials. It is made from crushed rock, limestone and water that makes it durable and much stronger than asphalt. The material remains solid and strong without the constant resealing that asphalt needs. Asphalt sealants are expensive, prevent use of the driveway each time they are applied and are toxic. Several recent studies revealed that coal-tar sealants contain cancer-causing chemicals known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The vapors from these sealants are released into the surrounding air for years after they are applied.

The benefits of concrete are endless. The material reflects light rather than absorbing it the way asphalt does. This makes it cooler to walk on and reduces air conditioning bills in nearby homes. It is an earth-friendly option that is 100 percent recyclable. Of course, the quality of any driveway will depend on how it is installed. This is why only experienced contractors should work with this type of product. Contact Aksarben Concrete to learn more about concrete services or receive a quote on any project.

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