Commercial Roofing In Oshkosh WI Must Withstand Winter Weather

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Roofing

There are professional roofing services to handle both residential and Commercial Roofing in Oshkosh WI. Companies such as Motto & Sons Construction take on small and large roofing jobs for both homes and businesses. Local companies are familiar with the extreme weather conditions in the Wisconsin area with hot summers, storms, and winter cold. Using a local company for roofing needs assures customers that the best roofing for their area will be used. Since the roof is the first line of defense for any building to keep out weather, animals, and water, keeping the roof in good condition is very important.

Some of the types of roofing customers can choose from include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, thermoplastic polyolefin roofs, flat roof systems, EPDM roofs, and other roofing choices. Good roofing companies can apply roofs to new construction or to buildings or homes that need new roofs. They can also repair roofs to help them last longer. Roofs can still have life left in them, but sustain damage from falling tree branches, storms, or other events. Small to medium damaged areas can be repaired without replacing the roof if most of the roof is in good condition. When a roof is over ten years old, it should be inspected periodically by a roofing professional to make sure it is still in viable condition. Eventually, all roofs need replacing.

It is important to replace worn out roofs because worn roofs can leak and cause interior water damage or the development of mold. When a roof leaks in several places, interior walls can be damaged and stained. Eventually, structural damage can happen. Commercial Roofing in Oshkosh WI is a good investment that will keep or improve building value and function. Rental buildings will lose good renters if there are bad roof leaks. Having a new roof installed on an existing home can make it look new again. It can also improve the safety and comfort of the home. Many good roofing companies also replace worn siding and building gutters to further improve the value and appearance of the home. Contact us for additional information.

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