Frequently Asked Questions About Window Replacement Services In Marin County, CA

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Window Installation Service

If the windows in your home aren’t energy efficient, they’re causing you to lose a lot of heat out of your house. When you contact a company that specializes in Window Replacement Services in Marin County CA, your home will be warmer in the winter and you’ll save money. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about replacing the windows in your home.

Q.) When should the windows in a home be replaced?

A.) When you stand beside your windows and you feel cold air coming in, it’s time that you get your drafty windows replaced. After several years, wooden window frames can warp or rot and this allows the air from outside to seep in through the gaps. If it’s becoming difficult for you to open and shut your windows, they’re wearing out and it’s time that you bought new ones. Another indication that you need new windows is if you have condensation building up on the inside of your window panes. This moisture between your panes is caused by cracked or loose seals and this signifies that the insulated glass isn’t protecting your house from the cold weather outside.

Q.) What makes replacement windows energy efficient?

A.) The windows that are manufactured today are built with better materials and they’re designed to be more efficient. The frames are made out of materials such as polyvinyl chloride to keep the warm air inside your house where it belongs. You can purchase windows with insulated and double pane glass to help lower the energy use in your home. These windows are made with an airtight seal, so you won’t have to worry about living in a drafty house. Some replacement windows are made with a glazed coating. This keeps the rays of the sun from penetrating the glass and making your house hotter in the summer. When you’re ready to make upgrades to have an energy efficient home, contact an experienced company that provides Window Replacement Services in Marin County CA.

Northwest Exteriors specializes in energy efficient remodeling services for your home. In addition to heating and air conditioning services, this company installs insulation, windows and solar screens.

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