Labor Compliance Oversight, Auditing Services and Training in San Diego, CA

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Civil Contractors

Ensuring correct pay according to relevant regulations for workers on private projects and public works and for labor for hired tiered contractors and subcontractors is the responsibility of prime contractors. A lack of compliance can result in significant penalties.

Proper processes, experience and education are highly important for capable monitoring of tiered contractors and subcontractors. Compliance consultants can assist prime contractors with process oversight, protecting them from penalties and liabilities.

Labor Compliance Oversight

Oversight teams monitor all levels to ensure subcontractor and tiered contractor compliance. They also provide documentation for labor compliance, including wage rate verification, fringe benefit calculations and other required forms. And they ensure all processes follow regulations and that workers receive prevailing wage rates.

Assessments and Audits

A knowledgeable compliance team, capable of assessing risk, is a valuable ally in cases of potential federal audits or state investigation and can keep minimal restitution from becoming high penalties. Compliance consulting teams ascertain a business’s compliance status by running in-depth and high-level risk and audit assessments.

Assessments include:

  • Prevailing wage verbiage reviews
  • Reviews of compliance monitoring processes for the client labor-force
  • A complete report on compliance and audit status
  • Detailed audits related to underpayment, misclassification, pre-determined increases, overtime and restitution and fringe benefits owed to workers
  • Summary of recommended full-compliance action plans

Oversight As Needed

As-needed contractor compliance services also offer tailored supplemental guidance for in-house labor regulation operations, including:

  • Payroll Review
  • Wage Verification
  • Subcontractor Fringe Benefits
  • Prevailing Wage Law Interpretation
  • Department of Labor and Department of Industrial Relations Correspondence
  • Contract Agreement Review

Training Services

Compliance services also offer training that equips contractors, subcontractors and awarding agencies with tools needed to stay compliant.

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