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The historic homes around Charleston are simply breath taking BUT they can be very expensive to maintain as is because of the windows, doors and even roofing materials that were used to construct them. A lot of homeowners are making a mad dash to have window replacement in San Rafael, CA to make their homes more affordable to run. As energy costs are skyrocketing people are trying to find ways to make their homes more affordable to heat and cool. Windows are the simple answer.

Old Windows=Drafty Energy Syphon

Old windows can be charming looking but after years of use they can stick, the frames can become cracked and the drafts that slip through can really start to bump up the energy costs of heating and cooling your home. If you are living with windows that are original to your home and that home was constructed longer than 20 years ago you are fighting a losing battle with your energy supplier. New window replacement in San Rafael, CA can provide you with the power to fight back against the high cost of energy. Property owners are making a mad dash to replace their windows to get a handle on their heating and cooling costs!

New Windows=Breath of Fresh Air

New windows seal out the elements and are so much easier to operate so you can take advantage of that beautiful weather and let the fresh air in. Owners are rushing to window replacement because they are sick and tired of dealing with faulty windows that don’t function properly. You can have new windows installed quickly by a professional and start enjoying:

*Lower energy bills

*A nicer looking home

*The ability to open and close your windows!

Powell Roofing can help with your new windows!

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