Facts about Green Building with Commercial Construction Companies in Denver

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Green building is a popular choice for commercial construction to use sustainable resources to minimize building materials for an environmentally-friendly building. While many are quickly adopting this new approach to construction for an LEED certification, commercial construction companies are finding many clients still have questions about the building strategy. If you are trying to decide to “go green,” here are the answers to your top questions.

Is Green Building Expensive?

Upfront, green building materials are more expensive than conventional materials. However, by choosing green building, you will enjoy substantial cost savings throughout the life of the building by reducing maintenance and energy costs through increased efficiency. Long-term, green building is more cost effective to produce a favorable return on your investment.

Where is One Are to Focus on Sustainability?

Green building can include various types of materials. If your budget is limited, one of the key areas to focus on involves your windows. More than 50 percent of electricity usage in commercial buildings comes from lighting. On the other hand, sun light does not cost a thing. Include large windows throughout the design to reduce energy costs with natural lighting.

Can the Interior Design Impact Sustainability?

The design of your building can also benefit sustainability. For example, a building that has several hallways has an increased need for lighting. If you cannot avoid numerous hallways, add skylights or sun tunnels to use as much natural light as possible to reduce energy consumption.

Green Building Commercial Construction Companies in Denver

Green building construction companies in Denver, like iiCON Construction Group, use innovative approaches to make buildings more sustainable. From the start of the project, green building methods are incorporated into the design to help you achieve an LEED certification.

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