Eliminate Roof Concerns Using Superior Residential Roofing Services in Lawrence KS

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Roofing

The typical, residential roof is a combination of man-made decking and protective covering placed over a skeleton of rafters and joists. The decking is usually OSB (oriented strand board) which is made from assorted sizes of wood slivers and bonded together with a resin. To ensure the wood is dense and reliable, it is cured under intense pressure. Alternately, the decking may be plywood, which was an extremely popular choice at one time because it is easy to install. Unfortunately, these two materials can have issues with water and require the need for expert Residential Roofing Services in Lawrence KS.

For instance, OSB can begin to deteriorate whenever moisture seeps past the roof covering. Roofers try to avoid this issue by properly sealing any roofing details and covering the decking with a membrane of roofing felt before placing the shingles. The best way to ensure that an asphalt roof survives the weather in Lawrence is to cover the building with the most durable product available. For asphalt roofing there are multiple options such as class 4 shingles or laminated shingles. Class 4 shingles are high-impact resistant products that are designed to withstand various sizes of hail. The class 4 rating is a test that applies to high-end roofing solutions designed to withstand the impact of large, dense objects. Certain gauges of steel roofing fit this category as well.

One reason to consider superior Residential Roofing Services in Lawrence KS is the avoidance potential problems. Inspecting the roof for signs of damage can quickly catch an issue before it gets out of hand. This job should be done whenever the property owner discovers possible concerns such as water stains on the ceiling or damaged wood in the attic. It is also recommended that the roof is inspected after any serious storm. Things that the roofer should look for include torn, warped or curled shingles and damage to the caulking around flashing and vents. The interior of the attic should also be checked whenever possible because some damage may not be apparent from the outside. Small water leaks can slowly break down the roof and rot the decking. This means a roofer should check for weak timbers and soft or destroyed decking materials. Click here for more information about superior roofing solutions.

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