Selecting Garage Door Openers In Madison, WI

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Replacing an existing model or buying a new garage door opener requires a bit of research and a good understanding of just what you need. There are different types, styles and sizes of garage door openers in Madison, WI and matching your garage door with the right opener will ensure simple operation for years to come.


Size is very important in garage door openers in Madison, WI. Size is not about the physical dimensions but rather about the horsepower of the motor. Heavier and larger garage doors, or ones that are constantly used, should be matched with a higher horsepower opener. Most models for residential typically offer a one-half to a full horsepower motor, more than enough power to operate even a custom garage door.

It is essential not to pair a heavy door with lower horsepower garage door openers in Madison, WI. This will lead to problems with opening and closing the door over time and will also put additional strain on the motor, resulting in a lower overall lifetime of use.

Type of Drive

All garage door openers in Madison, WI operate on one of three different types of drives. The drive is the system that allows the motor to raise and lower the door in the tracks.

The most common types of garage door openers in Madison, WI are chain drive. They use a chain similar in appearance to a bicycle chain to raise and lower the door. They are ideal for both heavy and light doors, very easy to maintain, and they are modest in price.

The one drawback to the chain drive is that they do make a slight noise when raising and lowering the door, which can be an issue if there are bedrooms above or adjacent to the garage. For these situations the belt drive garage door openers in Madison, WI may be the better choice.

The belt drive is very quiet and, like the chain drive, is built to last. These are often considered the top of the line in any brand of garage door opener.

The last option is the screw drive garage door opener. This is not as common, but they are also very quiet to operate. They use a solid rod to open and close the door, and are most often used with tilting rather than sectional roll-up garage doors.

To get help with choosing the right garage door openers in Madison, WI talk to your installation company. These professionals can help you select the right model, type and size for your garage door needs.

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