Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Remediation In Albany

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

In New York, homeowners must acquire the best services to reduce the impact of a house fire. These events produce catastrophic property damage if not a total loss. Properties that are repairable require remediation services to manage environmental risks. The greatest of these risks is mold. The following are frequently asked questions about Mold remediation.

Are Technicians Required to Wear Specific Clothing?

Yes, under EPA regulations the technicians must wear protective clothing. They need protective eyewear and gloves. The attire is required to prevent mold spores from making direct contact with their skin. The substance is potentially life threatening and is a common allergen. If the mold is black, it is toxic and could prove fatal.

How are Damaged Items Managed When They are Removed from the Property?

All items that were damaged by the fire are removed from the property and placed in a waste management receptacle. All items that were affected by the mold must be packaged in thick plastic. The technicians must label these packages according to their risk and when they were packaged. Any failure to complete these steps lead to a violation of EPA regulations and fines.

What Type of Cleaning Products is Used?

The remediation team must utilize chemicals that kill mold. These chemicals are distributed throughout the area in which mold was discovered. The technicians must complete an inspection after clean-up services. If any further mold was discovered, they are required to repeat the cleaning process.

What Steps are Necessary When Restoring the Property?

The technicians restore the property according to the insurance terms. They cannot make any modification unless they are provided through the policy. They restore the property to its previous condition. They assess the property for any additional environmental hazards before scheduling a building code inspection.

In New York, homeowners acquire remediation services after a house fire is extinguished. These detrimental events lead to excessive volumes of water remaining inside the property. The first step of these services involves the removal of all standing water. Homeowners who need Mold Remediationin Albany contact Professional Fire Restoration Service to restore their property completely.

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