Why You should Consider Sodding in Wichita, KS

A lot of people care a great deal about the condition of their lawn. Some people go to the extreme, hiring professionals to do everything from create a garden to maintaining their yard. If you think having a great looking lawn is important, then you need to start with the basics. Sodding in Wichita KS can help you to create a beautiful lawn fast.

There are pros and cons to using sodding. For most people, the biggest hindrance to using this method is the cost. Because the manure and grass are mixed and cared for by someone else, you’re not only paying for the grass, but you’re paying for the care that it received as well.

Another thing that you’ll want to consider is that Sodding in Wichita KS gives you less precision when it comes to the type of grass that you get. In most cases, you’ll find at least two different types of grass in the manure. If it’s important that your grass be exactly the same throughout your lawn, then seeding might be the better option for you.

With that being said, one of the biggest benefits to sodding is the ease in which your grass will grown. Sodding is already properly balanced for fast growth. All you have to do is spread it out and wait a couple of days and you’ll see full growth. What’s more, weeds don’t usually grow in the sodding, providing you with an excellent start for your lawn.

Another benefit to Sodding in Wichita KS is that it’s great for properties that have sloping areas. When you seed, the seeds will often simply slide down sloped areas. This leaves you with uneven patches of grass in your yard. Because sodding is made with a manure base, you’ll find that it sticks very well to slopes and hills on your property.

Lastly, Sodding in Wichita KS offers more flexibility when it comes to planting. With seeds, you need to hit the exact right time before a rainfall for it to be successful. With sodding, however, as long as it’s growing season, you’ll get good growth.

Making your lawn look great takes work. If, however, you want to make the process a little easier, try sodding. It will stick to the ground and get your grass growing in just a few short days.

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