What You Should Know about Green Roofing, Find a Contractor near Glencoe Il

There is a lot of talk about being green in building and roofing, but you may not understand what this looks like in practice. If you live near Glencoe Il, you can talk to a local contractor about how you can be more environmentally conscious. Being green is all about saving energy, recycling, and protecting the environment, and it can look different ways whether you are talking about a residential or commercial building. Here are a few of the ways you can get involved and play your part.


If you are repairing or replacing your roof, consider recycling the materials. Recycled shingled can be used in road surfacing. You can find out from your contractor how you can do this and start contributing to a greener environment.

Green Roof Materials

Some roofing materials are better able to save energy and keep the building cooler at the same time. Manufacturers are now offering many such variations on building materials and, this can also reduce your heating bills in the long-term. Some single ply roof materials are made without chlorine and are therefore safer for the environment and very safe to be recycled.

The type of material used for the roof and the type of coating and sealing done can greatly impact the features and the behavior of the roof. The major variable to consider is the ability to provide insulation with affects temperature variability and ultimately the heating bill.

Other Commercial Roof Considerations

Commercial buildings can also leverage their budgets in some other creative green building projects. These include rooftop gardens and green grid roof systems. There are also some tax incentives available for making the switch to greener materials.

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