What Homeowners Should Know About Septic Pumping in Lewisville TX

Septic systems are found in rural areas where houses are spread across acres rather than in subdivisions. Therefore, private underground wastewater treatment systems are installed on the homeowner’s property. Because septic systems rely on natural processes to break down the waste, septic systems don’t need miles of sewer pipes buried, disrupting the environment.

Septic tanks are large fiberglass vessel, although, in some cases, it can be made out of cement, with a typical holding capacity of 1,000 gallons. All wastewater is directed into the tank through the inlet pipe, where it remains in the tank sufficient enough time to allow the separation process to occur. Substances that rise to the top, like oil and fats, are referred to as the scum layer. Solid particulates sink to the bottom, forming the sludge layer. The middle band called the effluent or gray water, is essentially clear and contains bacteria and nitrogen and phosphorous (fertilizers). Every septic tank at some point in time will require septic pumping in Lewisville TX.

The effluent layer is displaced when new water enters the tank. The sludge layer which is unable to be remains in the tank until it is pumped out. The effluent layer leaves the tank and enters the drain field (or leach field). A drain field consists of a series of perforated pipes or drain tiles run through trenches filled with gravel or coarse sand. The wastewater is further treated as it trickles out of the pipes into the substrate as the soil acts as a biological filter.

Septic tank systems tend to be taken for granted. It is not something that homeowners see day in and day out, however as with any household appliance; they need to be maintained and cared for. Certain items should not be flushed down toilets or drains as they can destroy the bacteria needed for biological digestion or clog pipes. The types of items to avoid flushing include diapers, feminine products, coffee grounds, cat litter, paper products or cooking oils. Chemicals that could contaminate groundwater, such as pesticides, paint thinners, and waste oils should never be dumped into the septic system.

A company such as Texas Integrity Septic provides Septic Pumping in Lewisville TX for homeowners. The frequency for septic tank pumping depends on the number of occupants in the house, the amount of wastewater generated, and the amount of solids in the tank. A conservative estimate would be every three years.

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