Bathroom Countertops in Monterey, the Professionals Choice

by | May 22, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Interior designers may not agree on everything but they typically do agree that stone bathroom countertops in Monterey are the way to go. Stone offers a beauty that is hard to beat with other materials. Stone is the ideal choice because it offers long lasting durable beauty. It is the choice of top designers but there are subtle differences in stone that largely is relative to the quality of the stone. Professionals know that where the stone comes from is just as important as how it will look in the bathroom.

When you want high quality bathroom countertops in Monterey the clear choice is using a dealer that represents a trusted supplier like the pros do.  If you can go right to the source that’s even better. Stone for countertops can be purchased in slabs or in parts of slabs. Ideally you can purchase the bathroom countertops in Monterey directly from the dealer that can cut them right to size for your contractor. The quality of the stone depends on where the stone was quarried and how discerning the supplier is that purchases the stone.

Qualities to Look For

There are some telltale qualities that the right dealer will have that can help you to narrow down your options the way the pros do.  The right supplier will have:

  • A great reputation
  • An Adequate selection and stock on hand
  • Experience in serving both homeowners and vendors

Reputation is everything in this industry. The right supplier will have a stellar reputation for bringing in the best stone. They will also have a full range of stone from around the globe and have a decent amount of stock on hand and ready to go when you need it.  You will also want to use the supplier that has experience and is varied enough to both be a distributor to a network of dealers and be focused enough to service homeowners as well.

Carmel Stone Imports easily meets all the criteria that you want to find in a good stone supplier. There is a tremendous selection of the best stone from around the globe. They also have a large network of dealers but also supply the little guy. Professionals know that this company will have in stock items shipped within 2 business days.

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