Was the Summer Too Rough? How to Keep Swimming Pool Pumps in Front Royal VA Affordable and Active

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

The summer was especially brutal in a lot of ways. Floridians and citizens along the East Coast particularly had it rough, with a combination of non-seasonal seasonal storms and some intense and prolonged heat. It was not an easy summer, and keeping costs down for the rest of the year will be essential.

Running a pool in the heat must have been a challenge, even for individuals in Virginia who had a record hot season. Many people here have to make a decision of when, or if, they are going to shut down their pool for the season. What can be done to keep the pool running for as long as possible and as affordably as possible? The secret often lies in the Swimming Pool Pumps in Front Royal VA.

Fall Pool Heating and Efficiency

Individuals who want to keep their pool going for a little while longer will have to invest in two main additions. The first is a pool heater. A heater could, theoretically, provide a year-round pool for a family in Virginia, but many families opt to close it down to prevent largely unavoidable peak costs in the winter. A heater will require some extra output, which leads to the second major addition.

Energy-Efficient Pumps

Energy-efficient Swiming Pool Pumps Front Royal VA will go a long way to reduce the monthly bill. Homeowners in Virginia will then be able to combine the two. The heater can potentially give the pool an extra few months of life leading into early November or further. The energy-efficient pump will allow this heating process to continue as needed without it costing hundreds of extra dollars a month. To keep a pool warm during the fall can be a massive money hole. Both of these sources will work in conjunction to keep costs manageable.

Swiming Pool Pumps Front Royal VA will be a great addition regardless of whether a homeowner keeps the pool actively heated during the fall and early winter. The team at Al Shirley & Son Inc in Front Royal VA can offer solutions for pool maintenance that keeps costs manageable as the holiday season creeps up again.

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