Go Small and Independent, Nashville’s Oldest and Greatest Roofing Contractors in Franklin

Over 100 years old and in the top 15 oldest businesses out of Nashville, and the H.E Parmer Company is still out there, committing to excellent roofing projects across the state. The company has seen just about all project styles under the Tennessee sun, and the team’s cumulative experience has ushered in many different opinions about the argument of quality over quantity.

But, there is some consensus. When is quality too much and quantity can be once again factored to a high degree? The website at Heparmer.com explores quantity, quality, and the best way to roof in Nashville.

Might as Well Do it Right

Ironically enough, most roofing contractors in Franklin have half their business from improper past work from mainstream providers. It is really rather simple. The project was not done right. In an effort to save a buck, the client utilized a friend (bad idea) or a big company who did not do the right work and disappeared with the money.

It is a bit of a small business secret in that almost the majority, and sometimes over the majority, of projects derived from clients who have had improper work. It is not natural degradation that is the cause. It’s a bad previous roofing job that happened within the last year at most.


Now, small roofing contractors in Franklin would openly admit that getting a good price on shingles is important. But, how cheap should it be? Roofers can set a pretty solid price on a high-quality product that will actually last. The professionalism of the job is the top priority no matter the cost per shingle. So, clients can get a lower quality shingle or roof type to save some money. But, they should not opt for a cheaper overall service provider. Save on the product, not the roofers.

A good way to do this is to get the product from a wholesale provider. The small business team can then come in and do an exceptional job after the client has saved some money by getting the materials on their own. Many providers will charge exorbitant amounts for poor quality product.

Visit HEParmer.com for further details.

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