Types of Roofing Available to Roofers in Nashville

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Getting your roof repaired or replaced isn’t something that most people think of when they come up with their annual spending budget. This is because most people think their roof will last decades. For the most part, this statement is true.

However, what happens when a storm rips through the area and strips off a few tiles or takes the roof off completely? Will you be prepared for such a disaster? Having reliable Roofers in Nashville on-call beforehand could save you thousands.

Below are a few types of roofing to consider when repairing or replacing a roof.


Zinc is becoming increasingly popular, especially among architects, because it is much more suitable for rounded shapes than any other material. A zinc roof is relatively light and, therefore, does not represent a heavy load for the home’s framing. Caution: gutters and downspouts must be made of the same materials, as this may create electrochemical reactions.


Steel is also in demand when it comes to roofing. Steel tiles are available in standard sizes. But large plates of steel are usually used because they imitate real tiles. These plates can be, in principle, either canary yellow or even sky blue.

In practice, one finds the same colors for metal roofing as they would with tile or slate. Large metal plates are easy to process and are cheap, but these advantages exclude sophisticated roofing styles. However, this material is ideal for renovations.

The existing roof can remain as it is and the steel roof is placed over it. The steel is galvanized and coated with a layer of paint along with some stone aggregates. Contact local Roofers in Nashville to learn more.

Other materials

Roofs can be covered by numerous other materials, but their use is still limited in some regions: copper can be used (instead of zinc) and aluminum instead of steel. For some people, wood shingles rarely meet guidelines in Europe and in Asia but are safe to use in North America. Some people opt for corrugated sheets of cement, but only on garden sheds.

The current ranges of each roof have become much more elegant thanks to their acrylic coating and anti-algae treatments. Some are made of relatively cheap materials, but these are also less suitable for sophisticated roof shapes. The price is especially important for some. Visit us for more details.

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