Do You Need a Pool Remodeling in Tampa?

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

A swimming pool can lose its luster for a variety of different reasons. In some cases, pools just need to be renovated because they have gone through the normal wear and tear. In other situations, your pool might be a victim of neglect; there are some maintenance needs for each pool. If you neglect those, it could do some damage to your pool. Finally, you might just want pool remodeling in Tampa to redesign your pool. It will change the way that your entire yard looks and offer you brand-new swimming pool opportunities.

Water Features

Water features are one of the most common requests of pool remodeling experts. A water feature can be any range of things. Typically, water features involve recycling water from your pool through an artificial waterfall of some kind. You can have a fountain installed in the pool that will spray the water into the air; there are many different options. Natural Springs Pools can build you a water feature that is also functional. As the water is cycled through the water feature, it can also go through the filter that keeps the water clean.

You should work with custom pool builders to design a system that works for you. Pool contractors can design pools in many different ways with many different materials that you might not have even thought of.


Stones and rocks are popular for pool remodeling projects. Real stones and faux stones can be used. Real stones are going to be heavier and more expensive in most cases but they will also last a much longer time with zero maintenance. Faux stones might need some upkeep to keep them looking attractive. Many people choose to combine their water feature with stones to build stone waterfalls. Stone fixtures that hide your spillway or your drain are also popular.

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