Tin Ceiling Tile in Long Island, NY Can Make a Small House or Room Look Larger

Homeowners who want to do extensive remodeling of a relatively small house may not be able to make it larger, but they can add features that make it seem more spacious. Having additional windows or installing larger windows to replace small ones may be an option. Interestingly, a Tin Ceiling Tile in Long Island NY also can make a room feel larger because of the play of light above the rest of the room.

Vintage Look

A Tin Ceiling Tile in Long Island NY is especially advantageous for homeowners who want to create a distinct vintage look for the house. These ceilings were especially prevalent in the 1800s, and many older commercial buildings still have those original ceilings.

Light Colors

When deciding on metal tiles for a ceiling, it’s essential to choose light colors if a primary goal is to bring about the illusion of more space. Even if the house is not exceptionally small, some of the rooms may not be as large as the owners would like. A small kitchen can take on a brighter and more interesting appearance with a shiny, silver-colored ceiling. If silver is not particularly preferable for the owners’ personal tastes, metal tiles in customized colors also are available from a contractor such as Abingdon Construction.

Homeowners might choose ceiling colors such as light green, pale yellow, or light rose, depending on the other hues in the room or the entire house. Another possibility is to order tiles painted white, which is a popular choice among homeowners who like metal ceilings but prefer the tiles blend in better with the rest of the decor. If the customers will be having most of the ceilings in the house done in metal, they might choose varying colors for different rooms.

Accent Pieces

Light colors for the cabinetry and countertops assist with the effort, and darker accent touches can be placed as points of visual interest. A kitchen with a tin ceiling could also include a copper tile backsplash behind the range, for example. Tiles of custom colors also can be useful as accent pieces. Click here to view possibilities.

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