Saving Time and Money With a Fence Builder in St. Paul

Planning and installing a fence is not an easy task. It requires understanding zoning laws and municipal permit requirements. Fence installations need accurate measurements and planning. In addition, there is a lot of physical labor involved including digging post holes, attaching the panels and painting or other finish work. Hiring a Fence Builder in St Paul will make the entire project easier and may even help to save money.

How do people waste money on fences?

Purchasing the wrong amount of supplies is the most common mistake. Estimating how many panels, posts and how much hardware is needed is not as simple as it may seem. Adjusting for the rise and fall of the terrain is sometimes difficult. Incorrectly installed fences may lean or collapse. Another issue is using the wrong material. Certain types of fence materials are better than others for specific needs. The wrong choice could mean replacing the fence sooner than desired.

Are there really that many options?

A Fence Builder in St Paul is an expert in all of the types fences. They have chain link, wood, and iron fences. In addition, each type is available in a variety of lengths and heights. Wood fences come in different designs like lattice, pickets and solid panels. It may be genuine wood or a simulated product. Chain link comes in different colors, galvanized and coated.

Is installation really complex?

Installation requires knowing how to accommodate rises and dips in the terrain. Concrete is needed in the post holes to prevent the fence from sagging when the ground freezes and thaws or water levels change. Mixing the concrete requires a lot of effort, and it has to be done correctly, or it will not give the protection necessary. The posts must be exact, or the fence will not install correctly. One wrong measurement could mean hours of digging, removing the post (assuming it has not set in the concrete) and placing it in the new location. The soil may be rockier, or sewer or power lines could be uncovered.

Some people are skilled home improvement experts that love to do the work on their own. They are still welcome to use a fence contractor for help with purchasing the best materials. Everyone else can finish faster and stay on budget by hiring a professional. Learn more about us to see more about fencing options and installation.

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