Septic Tank Repair in Quakertown PA Should Be Performed As Soon As Possible

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Septic Tank

When a septic system stops operating efficiently, a call to a company that deals with septic tank repair in Quakertown PA should be made as soon as possible. Failing to call for repairs could lead to serious environmental impacts including contamination of drink water supplies and surround streams, creeks or rivers. It could also result in fines from government entities depending on the damage it causes in the area. Whether a homeowner has a traditional septic system or a sand mound system, both need to be properly maintained to eliminate expensive repairs.

Often a homeowner will neglect to have their septic tank pumped on a regular basis. The solids will be pushed into the drain field and become clogged. The water that would normally leech into the ground and be filtered can no longer drain from the system. This type of Septic Tank Repair in Quakertown PA can be costly because it involves digging in the yard and removing the clogged pipes. In addition, solids may have contaminated the area by seeping through the drain holes in the pipes. Replacement of the pipes and gravel are the only option for this type of repair.

Sand mound systems need to be monitored on a yearly basis by a septic system company. An owner can do their portion of maintenance by checking the level of the solids within the tank. They can also eliminate as much solids as possible from entering the sand mound. Solids will quickly fill the tank and prohibit proper breakdown in the waste removal process. Laundry should also be divided throughout a day or several days, so the system does not become overloaded with excess water. A sand mound works the same as a conventional septic system except the drain field is elevated due to the requirements in the area.

George C Allen & Son Inc has been performing septic system repairs and installations in the area for many years. The offer outstanding customer service including maintenance of any type of septic system. Their skill and knowledge can offer affordable solutions and rapid service for problems that can occur with a homeowner’s septic system.

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