Mistakes to Avoid in Industrial Roof Repair in Melrose Park

Roofing mistakes can happen, but they may be avoided by understanding trouble areas and using common sense during installation. Through years of experience and training, it’s become apparent that some problems continue to repeat themselves. Below is a brief list of the most common mistakes in Industrial Roof Repair Melrose Park, as well as tips on avoiding them.

Installing on a Deck That’s Sloped too Low

Although most residential roofs have a steep pitch, there are those that have little to no slope. If the roof lacks a slope, the installer needs to build one. If the roof is low-sloped, the roofer should use the right materials to prevent water intrusion. Where shingles cannot be used, the roofing pro can use TPO and other materials.

Failure to Include a Drip Edge

The poor or absent installation of drip edging can cause severe problems such as premature fascia and deck damage, general appearance issues, and leaving openings for pests and rodents to enter the home. Roofing Solutions LLC should cover the entire perimeter with metal drip edging.

Starter Issues

The omission or incorrect installation of a starter can result in aesthetic issues in the rakes and the eaves, and it can allow water to infiltrate the shingles closest to the eaves. It’s important for the roofer to use the right starter for every shingle.

Lack of a Leak Barrier

Leak barrier installation is imperative because it provides protection in vulnerable areas such as those with fastener perforations. A professional roofer should install leak barriers in vertical walls, valleys, skylights, chimneys and eaves, but installation can vary depending on the climate and the region.

Nailing Issues

When a roofer does not know how many fasteners they should use per shingle, or where to place them, catastrophic failure can result. The most common nailing mistakes are exposed nails or overdriven, underdriven and high fasteners. A nail that’s not driven in all the way can leave a hole through which water can intrude.

These mistakes are all too common in Industrial Roof Repair Melrose Park, but they are also preventable. If the roofer follows installation instructions, keeps up with continuing education requirements and consults the manufacturer for advice when necessary, these problems won’t really be an issue.

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