Problems that Can Occur and Require the Need for Slab Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

The typical home foundation is poured as an entire slab. After the slab is poured, the rest of the home is supported by this slab. While the slab is an important part of the support system, there are a few things that can damage to this slab. Since it is basically a solid piece of concrete, any of these issues can cause damage. If you suspect damage to the slab, you will need repairs to stabilize it.

Water leakages are a known enemy for creating lots of damages. If this water leakage occurs underneath the home, the foundation is in trouble. The water carves grooves in the soil eroding the support underneath. Without support, the slab can crack and break. The Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX will address this issue by refilling in the void left by the soil. However, all leakages should be fixed first to prevent futureproblems.

The soil underneath the foundation slab is compacted before the concrete pour. Sometimes, this step has been skipped or performed incorrectly. It can be impossible to detect this construction error until after the slab has started to show signs of damage. Depending on how the soil has shifted, the house may need to be jacked up and the foundation stabilized as part of the repair.

Drought conditions can also put a lot of pressure on the slab foundation. A drought will dry out soil. When soil is dry, it shrinks. This shrinkage will cause a void to be created under the slab. If the void is too big, parts of the slab can start collapsing. Part of the Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX is to evaluate the size of the void. It will have to be filled in. If parts of the slab have already collapsed, the house will have to be lifted up so that repairs can be done.

The foundation slab is susceptible to the changes that can happen in the soil from water leakage, drought and incorrect compacting. If any of these conditions are occurring, the foundation needs to be checked out. Take the time to browse around this website if you suspect issues with the foundation in your home.

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