Overhead Garage Door Repair

by | Apr 16, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Overhead garage doors are not only the heaviest door in your home, they have far more complex moving parts than any other door. It is no wonder that garage door repair in Skokie is something that is often required. The door hinges, tracks, rollers etc wear out from constant use and often the door gets out of alignment. It only takes one of the many moving parts to fail for the door to be rendered useless.

For a typical overhead door, it is a pair of springs that do the heavy work. When the door is lowered the springs are stretched to their limit and when the door is being opened, they recoil and the stored power lifts the door. During this operation the door, using rollers, follows a track which stores the door in a horizontal position above the opening. This type of garage door is composed of panels; each panel is hinged: the hinges can also fail.

Most garage doors include an automatic opener. This system is far superior to a manual opening door, not only will they open and close at the touch of a button, there is no need to separately lock it. However, as great as an automatic garage door opener is, it is just one more component to fail. The opener may look rather simple but the truth is, they are produced from a considerable number of components, all of which must work in harmony.

Tips for troubleshooting the problem:

If your garage door will not open you will have to pull a release cord that disengages the operation of the opener, you will at least be able to open the door manually. This indicates that the problem lies with the opener and not with the function of the door. Regardless of whether it is the opener or the door you need to contact a professional that performs garage door repair in Skokie.

The need for a professional cannot be overemphasized, with the weight of the door and the number of components it is not a task well suited for the homeowner. Even if you have a manually operated door there are still numerous components which include powerful springs, tracks, rollers and numerous other mechanical components. The only thing that is really different is the absence of electricity.

The primary reason for a garage door to fail is lack of maintenance. If the springs are tensioned improperly they can fail, if the track is bent the door will jamb. You can avoid having your garage door fail at the most inconvenient time by having the same pros that repair garage doors perform annual preventative maintenance.

A typical garage door, whether it operates manually or has an automatic opener can fail for a number of reasons. If you need garage door repair in Skokie, you are invited to call Roberts Garage Door Professionals.

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