Maintenance Tips For Concrete Driveways

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

A home’s driveway is likely one part of the property that the owner may rarely think about. Unfortunately, neglecting the maintenance needs of a driveway can result in serious problems developing. As time progresses, these issues are likely to worsen until the driveway becomes unsafe to drive over, and when this occurs, it will be necessary to have it repoured. Luckily, homeowners with Concrete Driveways can utilize the following tips to avoid experiencing this problem.

Water damage is among the more common issues that a driveway can encounter. Over time, the moisture will seep into the concrete, and when this occurs, it can cause cracks to form in the surface. Sadly, this damage can allow more water to seep into the pavement, which can further exacerbate the problem. Minimizing the risk of this damage occur will involve applying a sealant to the pavement at least once every couple of years. These sealants will create a waterproof layer that can protect the concrete from cracking.

In addition to cracks, erosion is another problem that can be caused by water. Runoff from rain can cause the soil along the edges and underneath the pavement to wash away. When this occurs, it will be impossible for the weight of the driveway to be perfectly balanced, which can cause potholes and major cracks to form. Avoiding this type of damage can be difficult for home’s with drainage issues, but using French drains can be an effective way of minimizing this problem. These drains will transport the water a safe distance from the driveway, which can help spare homeowners from having to regularly pay to have potholes repaired.

The maintenance needs of the driveway can be easy for homeowners to overlook. While this might not seem like a serious problem, it can lead to needing regular repairs to the driveway. Sadly, these repairs can significantly add to the cost of owning the home. Fortunately, homeowners with Concrete Driveways can work with an experienced local contractor that has been helping clients repair and maintain their driveways for many years. To learn more about hiring these professionals for your driveway needs, visit

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