Benefits Offered by Commercial Asphalt Paving

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Investing in a commercial property comes with quite a bit of responsibility. One of these is keeping the parking lot and other outdoor areas in pristine condition. One of the best ways to keep the parking area looking great is to invest in Commercial Asphalt Paving. Some of the benefits of this surface option are found here.

Asphalt is Extremely Smooth

According to a survey from the Federal Highway Administration, the public desires a smooth ride. The smoothness of the pavement has a huge impact on overall fuel economy of a vehicle. While a parking area may be small for a commercial business, it is still preferred, because it will also reduce the wear and tear on a vehicle.

It is Quiet

Most people prefer a surface to drive on that will not create much road noise. Asphalt is smooth and therefore very quiet to drive on. This not only reduces the sound to those driving over it, but also those who may be outside the commercial property.

Superior Durability

When applied properly by Commercial Asphalt Paving companies, asphalt will remain in place and not show signs of wear and tear. All that has to be done to maintain the surface is to remove the top layer. This can usually be done rather quickly, overnight or off of peak hours so there is not much disruption to the business.

Safer Option

When asphalt is used, it is safer for the public. For example, an open-graded mix, such as PFC will allow water from any rain to drain through the surface of the pavement and away from the tires of the vehicle, reducing cases of spray and splash.

When it comes to taking care of a commercial property, having an asphalt surface is quite beneficial. Additional help and information about asphalt surfaces is available by contacting the staff from Teague’s Asphalt. Learning more about this will help ensure that a commercial property owner has a great looking and safe surface for their customers to use and park on. Don’t underestimate asphalt due to its low cost, it really is a smart option.

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