Is It Essential To Have A Bathroom Hand Dryer?

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

This would seem to be something of an “asked and answered” type of question since, if we get our hands wet in any bathroom, we are going to need a Bathroom Hand Dryer. However, it does raise other questions.

Such as “What exactly constitutes a bathroom?” and “What is meant by the term hand dryer?’ Logically, a bathroom should be a special room to which we go in order to bathe – in the sense of immersing our bodies in water for cleansing and/or relaxation purposes (as against swimming for exercise).In which case, a bathroom would need a full body dryer not just a Bathroom Hand Dryer (when you are drying everything, there is no need to dry your hands separately).

Polite Euphemism

However, in polite North American language, the dictionary gives the following definitions of a bathroom:-

  1. a room containing a sink (wash hand basin) and a toilet. Plus, often, a bath tub or shower.
  2. NOTE – the word is particularly used when referring to a room in a public place that contains both a toilet and a sink. In other words, bathroom can be synonymous with restroom.
  3. in all cases, the bathroom is a place for personal hygiene and this will always include the washing of one’s hands. Therefore a Bathroom Hand Dryer will always be present.

What Is The Best Way To Get Your Hands Dry?

At home, we think that nothing beats the luxury of expensive, fluffy, terry toweling when it comes to drying any part of our anatomy. But, within our homes, only a limited number of people will use the towels (which can be taken away and washed regularly – maybe after every time they are used). We tend to think that we are on top of the hygiene necessities within our own homes.

We are definitely not in control of the hygiene when we enter any sort of public bathroom; be it at our place of work, in a shopping mall, at a sports club or in a bar/restaurant. In public places we have to trust the management of the bathroom facilities to look after our best interests. Fortunately, many managers do this by installing an electric, warm air blowing Bathroom Hand Dryer as an essential part of their hygiene strategy.

Today’s state of the art Bathroom Hand Dryer even filters viruses and bacteria out of the air that has just dried your hands. You could not be better protected when away from home.

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