Do You Own A Washroom Hand Dryer?

The chances are that you probably do not, and never will, own a Washroom Hand Dryer; this is because there is very little likelihood that you own a washroom. Although we use the term washroom to describe a room fitted out for personal hygiene with at least a toilet and a sink for hand washing we have a tendency to apply that word almost exclusively to that type of room when it is located in either a public place or, at our place of work. In our home, exactly the same room is the one that we call our bathroom (even if it has a shower cubicle and no actual bathtub).

Why Are Electric Hand Dryers So Rare In Domestic Bathrooms?

This is a question that has me somewhat puzzled; given that nearly all of us like to see warm air type hand dryers in public washrooms. Yet, at home, we persist in using (and re-using) towels. I can understand why no one is keen on disposable paper towels in their home bathroom but what is so wrong about the better drying power and superior hygiene that these Washroom Hand Dryers provide? Probably it is due to nothing more than a perception of what is stylish and hand dryers are still somewhat utilitarian in appearance.

However, if you are in any way responsible for the upkeep of even the smallest washroom you will have much more on your mind than questions of style. Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation should be your main concerns and the Washroom Hand Dryer can assist you on all three counts.

Choosing Your Washroom Hand Dryer

Maybe you will make a token gesture in the direction of style when selecting which color and finish to select for your washroom’s dryer(s); especially if the washroom is attached to your restaurant, bar or hotel for example. What will be of interest to you when shopping around for a Best Washroom Hand Dryer are questions like:-

  • How easy is it to install?
  • How does it switch on?
  • How quickly does it dry your patrons’ hands?
  • How much electricity does it consume when operating?
  • How reliable will it be and what maintenance does it require?
  • How long is its warranty and is servicing readily available?

Purchase price has been deliberately left off the above list on the grounds that the best buy is not always the cheapest buy. Price will affect your decision but it should never be the overriding factor.

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