How Can I Tell If My Residential Roof Needs Some Kind Of Repair?

Do you ever wonder how much longer your residential roof will last? With the right type of care and maintenance, it could last for many more years. It pays to know the signs that the roof could use some help. Here are a few examples that will help you know if it’s time to call a professional and arrange for some type of roof repair in St. Augustine.

Dampness In The Attic

The attic used to remain dry throughout the year. Lately, you’ve noticed that things are a little damp. That includes the rafters supporting the roof. While you can’t find an obvious leak, something is causing the dampness. A professional can inspect the roof and determine whether the issue is due to loose flashing or it it’s time to make some other type of repair.

Shingle Fragments On The Lawn

The recent storm was not that bad, but it did do some damage. You’ve noticed a few tiny shingle fragments on the lawn. While you can’t see the damage from ground level, those fragments are proof that something needs to be done. A professional can replace the damaged shingles and make sure the roof is sturdy again. This type of roof repair in St. Augustine may not take more than a few hours.

Tiny Points Of Light In The Attic

When you visit the attic during the day, there are definite points of light shining through the roof. At best, this means you have a bad shingle or two. The only way to know the extent of the damage is to have a professional inspect the roof. In many cases, the roof repair in St. Augustine that you need will be simple and fast.

If you suspect that something is not right with the roof, it never hurts to have a professional take a look. One quick inspection will either confirm that there’s something to repair or that the roof is fine. If a repair is needed, the contractor can ensure that it’s done in a timely manner.

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