Can You Really Ignore Chimney Repair In Columbus, OH?

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

With the widespread use of furnaces for all our domestic and commercial heating requirements; do we still have chimneys to repair in Columbus? Although Columbus City was not founded until 1812; people had been building houses and living there since pre-independence days. As a result, there are still many old (and even historic) buildings standing today in modern Columbus alongside condominiums and apartment blocks. If you pass through districts like East Columbus, the Near East Side, German Village or, Olde Town East you will see many fine examples of earlier constructions – most of which will have chimneys sprouting out from their rooftops.

Preserving Old Chimneys

While most of these chimneys will be serving a different function today; their total removal will ruin the old character of the building. So, even if they no longer have a live fire burning in an open grate at the lower end of the chimney; there is a need to preserve the integrity of the chimney stack and its associated upper chimney pots, etc.

The weather around this part of Ohio can get quite “boisterous” from time to time. Severe thunderstorms that often bring heavy lightning and extremely large hail stones are not unheard of, and this can easily cause damage to chimneys. Tornadoes are not a regular feature of Columbus weather, but neither are they unheard of; an F2 (on the Fujita scale) tornado hit in October 2006 – F2 tornadoes are capable of causing significant damage; such as tearing the roofs off of frame houses; snapping or uprooting large trees and, of course, causing major damage to chimneys. There would have been a lot of traditional Chimney Repair In Columbus, OH following that event. Even in less calamitous times; blizzards and ice storms can regularly damage chimneys.

Metal Ductings

Furnaces and factory made fireplaces have basically replaced the old style open hearth or open grate methods of heating both airspace and water supply in most homes and commercial buildings. However, it doesn’t matter how you burn something – or even what you burn – you will still generate “products of combustion” (aka smoke) and, since this can be unhealthy when breathed in directly, this “smoke” needs to be guided away to the outside atmosphere. Whether the smoke is taken away horizontally, through a side wall; or, vertically up a chimney to the rooftops (hopefully to better dissipate and be less polluting); the usual method is for it to pass through metallic ducting.

However, acidic gases and moisture can corrode the ducting, and mechanical damage can occur in linkages to things like dampers and other devices. Keeping all of this in working order remains part of the business for companies, like Business Name, who engage in Chimney Repair In Columbus, OH. Click here to know more.

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