Call a Roofing Business in Independence After a Storm

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Roofing

Homeowners can rarely predict when the damaging weather will strike, and it’s equally difficult to predict when roof damage will occur. If a home’s roof is damaged, the homeowner should know what to do afterward. Severe rains, wind storms, and snow can all damage shingle roofs, but people can protect themselves by following the steps below.

Determine the Level of Damage

After severe weather, the first step should be to examine the roof for damage. A rough assessment can help a homeowner discuss their needs with an insurer or roofing contractor, and it can help them avoid unexpected costs. Exams are best done during daylight hours, and a pair of binoculars may prove useful.

When examining the roof, homeowners should estimate the size of the damaged area and the details of what has happened before they visit Look at the roof carefully to see if shingles are missing and document any exposed plywood or tar paper.

Perform Temporary Fixes

If a roof is severely damaged in an area above living quarters, severe damage can result. Place a can or bucket under the leaking area, and remove any electronics and other valuables to prevent further damage. Substantial damage may need immediate waterproofing while smaller areas can usually be shingled right away.

Call the Insurance Company

After the homeowner evaluates the damage, they should decide whether to hire a Roofing Business Independence or file a claim under homeowner’s insurance. During natural disasters, where large areas are affected by storms and other events, using homeowner’s insurance can yield faster results.

Call a Licensed Roofing Contractor

If a homeowner decides to hire a roofing contractor on his or her own, they should hire a certified installer. Avoid a contractor who only comes into the area after a natural disaster; these contractors don’t have a reputation to worry about, and they often provide poor service and shoddy workmanship. A homeowner who needs emergency help can call a contractor for a free estimate and prompt service.

Roofing emergencies can happen after storms, earthquakes, and other disasters, and many homeowners may not know how to handle such a situation. By following the tips above and by calling a Roofing Business Independence, a homeowner can rebuild their roof and protect what’s inside the home.

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