Breaking the Mold of the Past with a Commercial Metal Building in Oklahoma

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

In a world where cost effectiveness is on the minds of almost all business owners, contractors constantly strive to inform clients of the most efficient and affordable building materials available. With many leaning toward conventional wood or concrete structures, the advantages of a Commercial Metal Building Oklahoma are often overlooked. This architectural oversight is due largely to the mental image of metal structures of the past, such as the typical corrugated storage sheds or makeshift garages.

Today’s metal buildings are hardly the eyesores they once were; in fact, many of the most beautifully designed schools, churches and other public facilities bear a metal skeleton underneath their aesthetically appealing exterior. These structures are far more inexpensive to construct than their traditional counterparts, as well. Fewer materials are needed, less waste is produced, and the amount of labor involved is greatly reduced. Construction time is also much shorter than that of buildings made from other materials.

The initial cost savings also span into the long term because metal requires far less maintenance than wood, brick or vinyl. Wood and concrete need regular resealing while vinyl tends to crack and fade. Metal structures can be compared to metal roofing, which has been said to outlast the homes on which it is installed. Very little upkeep is needed, the metal used for these buildings does not become discolored over time, and steel is completely recyclable, making this material among the most environmentally friendly products to use in construction. Visit website for more info.

A Commercial Metal Building Oklahoma can also be very energy efficient although many remember the heat accumulating inside cheaply constructed buildings of this type decades ago. As is the case with any material, whether it be wood, bricks, vinyl siding, glass or any other product, proper insulation makes all the difference. With high quality materials and workmanship, a metal structure can be as energy efficient as any other.

These buildings are no longer restricted to the cookie-cutter versions of their earlier years. Modern technology has allowed industry experts, such as Taylor Building Systems, to customize steel buildings to meet any architectural preference and building code. Combined with the wide selection of colors and styles now available, the benefits of a metal building are difficult for business owners to ignore.

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