Benefits of Reflective Roofs from an Expert Roofer in Edmond

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Roofing

Roofs contribute to the heat island effect that makes interiors hotter than the surrounding. This has the detrimental effect of increasing your cooling bill. Experts in roofing have designed excellent reflective roofing materials that prevent the absorption of heat from the sun. Their ability to cool the house has made them popular commodities in the market.

The reflective effect can be achieved through a number of ways. They include

  • Applying a reflective coating- it works on both flat and slopped roofs. The coat reduces absorption of heat by reflecting it away. It also keeps away the UV rays that destroy roofing materials within a short time.
  • White Paint- this is a bright white substance that comes in different grades depending on the degree of reflection. They are re-applied after about five years and are very effective in hot areas.
  • Natural reflectors- they are mainly metallic in nature and have a natural UV rays reflective property. The mirror effect sends the radiant energy back to the atmosphere.

A seasoned roofer in Edmond area will help you design the best roof depending on the type of structure and materials available. The reflective roofs offers several benefits such as :

  • Cool and Accessible Roofs- reduction in temperature creates a perfect viewing platform to enjoy the panorama in around your neighborhood. You can enjoy a sunny day without worrying about the temperature.
  • Saving Money- this comes in a number of ways. Reduction in interior temperature means that your cooling bill is reduced by a huge percentage. The shingles and other roofing materials are not easily damaged by high temperatures. This means less spending on replacement or repair.
  • Durable Roof- reduced frequency of roof maintenance and repair means less tampering with the area. This helps to increase its life span and offers long term comfort. Reflection of UV rays reduces damage and thus lengthens its life.

A seasoned roofer in Edmond helps in the design and installation of effective roofing structures depending on your environment and expectations. You will get a customized package when you deal with an expert roofer who has the necessary skills and tools. More details on professional roofing can be obtained from our website including contact information and quotes.

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