Advances in Commercial Roofing Systems

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Roofing

Owning a building can be a terrific investment, but maintaining its structural integrity is of great importance. Whether you own or are considering a purchase the inspection starts at the top. A building’s roof construction is vital for maintaining an efficient, healthy and safe environment. Leaky roofs compromise the walls, structural supports, and flooring. It also exposes occupants and property to mold and bacteria.

Energy Savings
If you have the opportunity to build a facility you know the benefits of commercial roofing systems. But a more established older structure can still benefit from an upgrade. Waterproofing has a higher upfront cost but the long-term benefits of high performance, time-tested products will keep the building dry and improve energy efficiency. That saves money year after year.

Brave the Elements
Today the commercial waterproofing industry relies on the latest research and technology to produce superior commercial grade products. The fastest growing waterproofing solution on the market is Thermoplastic roofing. Thermoplastic, also referred to as TPO is a liquid emulsion product that can be applied to any style, slope or grade roof. Proper application and curing creates a membrane envelope that protects the roof from extreme weather, UV rays and reduces energy loss. The reflective membrane system is flexible and puncture resistant. The commercial roofing industry relies on TPO emulsion products and manufacturers continue to perfect the superior physical properties that go into them.

Thermoplastic (TPO) Membrane Solutions
A TPO roof solution is also resistant to UV damage, fire, ozone or chemical exposure. Creating an airtight envelope with a superior waterproofing TPO product will protect your roof, walls, flooring and building contents. There are cost savings associated with improved energy efficiency. For commercial owners, consultants, construction, specifiers and engineers look for commercial roofing systems that include high quality TPO products. Even better news, TPO products are made in the USA.

Peace of Mind
Improve the sale value of a commercial build and add years of airtight, roof protection from all elements. Maintain the contents and structure integrity of your build by considering a commercial waterproofing system from the start. Companies can save occupants money with improved energy efficiency. A TPO emulsion membrane is every building owners insurance for dryer days ahead.

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