Several Options for Metal Buildings in Mitchell

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Metal Buildings in Mitchell can be used for several applications. Butler metal buildings have been developing systems for over one-hundred years. They are affordable, quick to construct, are available in many sizes, versatile, and environmentally-friendly. They offer superior performance in a simple style or multiple building complexes. Manufacturing facilities, community buildings, churches, athletic arenas, commercial buildings, and many other uses have been found for these buildings. Some contractors, like Palace Builders Inc, for example, offer turnkey solutions for Butler buildings.

The process begins budgeting and expert Butler building design consultation. That ensures that the completed structure will be the shape and size to accommodate the needs. Pre-construction services include getting all appropriate permits, preparing the site for construction, and making sure all safety procedures and coding requirements are met. Complete construction management is provided to make sure the project is completed on time and to customer satisfaction. The company has over thirty-five years experience constructing Metal Buildings in Mitchell, so customers can expect excellent results.

One Story Self-Storage Systems is another type of Metal Buildings in Mitchell that provides cost-effective and flexible options for commercial storage businesses. Different sized units make it possible to suit the needs of each customer and maximize commercial space. Wide doors on all bays make access to units easy and allow for vehicle storage. Ten-foot bays have a nine-foot wide door, and twelve-foot bays have an eleven-foot wide door. Configurations of bays can be designed prior to construction so the customer can have input and approve plans. Click here for more details.

Brock brand commodity storage bins are also an option for metal buildings. They specialize in innovative systems for the storage, handling, and conditioning of grain. These agricultural buildings vary in size and function. There are flat-bottom and hopper-bottom storage bins and buildings for drying grains. Services for constructing these metal buildings include designing, engineering, building, and management of the project. Customer needs, budgets, desires and aesthetic considerations are considered with each project. Details of costs, time schedules, permits, coding requirements, and safety protocols are all handled by the company. The completed projected will be done within budget and on time for each customer. For more information contact Palace Builders Inc in Mitchell.

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