Your Questions Answered About Gutters Replacement In Huber Heights

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Roofing

If the gutters on your house aren’t functioning properly, rainwater can cause damage to your home. Below you’ll learn why you need to contact a company for Gutters replacement in Huber heights if your gutters aren’t doing their job.

Q.) What types of damage can water do to a house that has a faulty guttering system?

A.) When your gutters aren’t properly directing the flow of water away from your house, the rain will spill out of the gutters and cause various types of damage. If the water runs down the side of your house and pools beside the foundation, it can eventually leak into your basement. When water constantly penetrates the wooden rafters and fascia on your roof, this will cause them to rot. During freezing weather, icicles will form at the edge of your roof and ruin your shingles.

Q.) What are the indications of faulty gutters?

A.) While it’s raining, watch the water as it runs off your roof. If the water spills off the edges of the gutters or runs down the side of your house, your gutters are malfunctioning. After it rains, go outside and walk around the perimeter of your house. If you see puddles of water next to the foundation, you have a gutter problem. Examine your gutters while it’s not raining and if they’re hanging loose from your roof, have come apart or have holes in them, you should have them replaced.

Q.) What are some maintenance tips to keep gutters from malfunctioning?

A.) Cleaning leaves and debris out of your gutters at least twice a year will allow the water to flow out of them properly. Keeping your gutters clean will also keep the weight of wet leaves from making your gutters sag. Periodically check your gutters for holes, loose connections and joints that have come apart. If your gutters can’t be repaired, contact a company that specializes in Gutters replacement in Huber heights.

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