Yearly Inspections By HVAC Companies Are Vital

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Air Conditioner

Winter is nearly here and that means calling to get a yearly inspection of your furnace by HVAC companies near Wildwood customers trust. Some people may think that getting those annual furnace inspections are a waste of time and money, but they are actually very vital to maintaining your heating system. In fact, it could void your furnace warranty if you don’t get it done, so read on.

What is Covered in the Yearly Furnace Inspection?

Depending on who does your annual furnace inspection, what is done could be different. However, the most common things done include checking the vent system for blockage or leaks, checking the heat exchanger for rust, checking the boiler door for tight seals, checking grills or louvers for blockage, checking drainage system for leaks or blockage, checking all burners for ignition and flame working to specs, and checking combustion gases to see if they are up to specs.

They also may check the blower wheel and clean it, as well as check wiring for any damage or rust, or do an amp-draw test on the blower motor. Some also do pressure testing on the air pressure, gas pressure and temperature rise.

HVAC Companies Can Save Lives with Inspections

One thing is for certain, an inspector could be saving the lives or you and your family if they catch a gas leak or find out that carbon monoxide is leaking into your home from a bad furnace. Plus, it could save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bill to get your furnace cleaned and serviced too. Some owners may think that they can do these vital inspections themselves, but it’s best to have them done by a professional since they are fully trained and skilled to do the job and have the proper equipment.

Yearly Inspections Best for Most Heating Systems

All in all, it is best to get your heating system inspected at least once a year by HVAC companies near Wildwood customers can trust like the McAllister…The Service Company to set things up.

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