Why You Need Palm Tree Services in Orange County

In Southern California, one of the more common tree varieties is the palm tree, which can grow to majestic heights, and offers a touch of tropical elegance to its property owners. Although palm trees do not require as much maintenance as other trees, they still benefit from regular care. To keep these trees healthy and beautiful, it is critical to hire an experienced company that specializes in palm tree services to look after them.

By providing regular maintenance for palm trees, the property owners can reduce the potential of insect and rodent problems. This protects the health of the palm trees, not only giving the tree a better look, but it also gives the property a much more pleasant and well-maintained appearance. For those who care about their trees, they should call Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. They offer services for all commercial and residential customers, and their tree technicians actually climb the trees while performing maintenance. They also utilize aerial lift trucks for more difficult jobs.

There are many reasons why property owners may need to enlist in the services of palm tree services in Orange County. Perhaps the trees are on top of sewer pipes or are underneath electrical wires. If the trees are growing rapidly, they may need to have the dead fronds removed. Fronds are the leaf-like part of the tree, and these can pose an unattractive looking and potentially damaging layer around the tree. If not dealt with quickly, the fronds can become a haven for destructive insects or rodents, which can do serious harm to the tree. Skinning improves the health of the tree as well as providing visual appeal.

Some palm trees may produce drupes, which are fruiting bodies that have a fleshy outer layer covering a much hard inner layer that contains a seed inside of it. If a palm tree is not properly maintained, the drupes can create an ugly, messy and dangerous situation, especially in a commercial or retail property area. Drupes can fall on their own and land on a person or property, causing harmful personal injury or property damage. As they ripen, they become very heavy and can also cause stains on pavements or vehicles, creating both an unattractive mess as well as a hazard for customers or people visiting. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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