Why Residents Are Installing Metal Decorative Ceilings in Englewood, NJ Homes

One hundred years ago it was common to see ornately decorated tin ceilings in New Jersey shops and homes. Tradesmen often added the tiles when they needed to cover cracks. Homeowners installed metal ceilings because they were embossed with intricate patterns that copied those of elegant European homes but cost far less. A metal scarcity in WWII made the tiles rare, but they have made a comeback. Today, many homeowners are again installing Metal Decorative Ceilings in Englewood NJ homes.

There Are a Variety of Options Available

One of the biggest draws of metal ceilings is the number of styles and colors available. Metal ceilings actually consist of individual tiles that have patterns stamped on them. Homeowners can choose from dozens of different patterns. Suppliers who install Metal Decorative Ceilings in Englewood NJ sell tiles in a wide range of finishes. They include pre-painted white, brass plated, tin, stainless steel, and solid copper or copper plated options. Clients may also choose from a range of cornices that allow them to create custom looks.

Ceiling Tiles Are Low Maintenance

Metal ceilings are also popular because they do not require much care to remain beautiful for decades. Simple dusting will restore most tiles. Metal ceilings are very durable and moisture resistant. That means they are not susceptible to the mold and mildew that damages traditional building materials. Tiles do not crack or warp over time, so there is rarely a need to repair them. They do not peel and will retain their shape.

Metal Ceilings Increase Home Values

Clients often choose metal tiles to increase home values. Many come to the decision after visiting sites like http://abingdonconstruction.com and choosing a “Learn more about us” option. Supplier sites outline a range of beautiful tiles that can instantly transform rooms. Installing tiles adds interest and can also hide imperfections in existing ceilings. Metal tiles strengthen structures and are fire resistant.

Historic metal ceiling tiles are once again in demand by homeowners who want exceptionally beautiful rooms. Homeowners also choose metal ceilings because they are low maintenance and durable. In addition, metal ceilings increase home values because they strengthen underlying structures, resist fire, and can be used to hide ceiling flaws.

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