When A homeowner Should Contact A Professional For Gutter Repairs In Nassau County

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Roofing

The first line of defense a home has water damage brought about by rain is its gutter system, which helps draw water away from the home’s foundation. The problem is that, over time, gutters can begin to deteriorate, which can cause them not to function as intended. While some issues require the drains to be replaced, others may be remedied by a professional that provides Gutter Repairs in Nassau County. Here is a quick look at three issues that can be solved through simple repair measures.

Mounting Issues

A gutter system is mounted to the fascia boards of a house, usually using large steel nails. If the nails become loose or issues with the fascia boards arise, it can cause the gutters to sag, which can allow water to run behind the gutter system and to the foundation of a home. A repair company can determine the cause of the water issue and reattach the gutter system so it provides excellent protection against water runoff.

Clogged Drain Problems

Leaves and other organic debris can collect in a gutter system and cause the drainage pipes to become clogged and prevent water from being able to run away from the foundation. A company that performs Gutter Repairs in Nassau County will be able to clear the drain and ensure water is running freely. Also, they can install a gutter guard system that will reduce the amount of debris that can run into the gutters, reducing future clogging issues.

Leaks and Holes

A gutter system that has a small hole may not seem like a significant issue but, during heavy rainstorms, it can cause water to drain directly on the foundation of a building. A gutter repair company will be able to patch the leaks and ensure water is channeled into the drainage system. They can also apply a rubber sealant on the surface of the gutters, which can extend their lifespan by slowing down rust and the formation of holes.

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