What You Should Know about Cremation Planning

Many people are opting for cremation nowadays when pre planning their funerals. In fact, you actually have more choices than you do when you opt for burial. For instance, you can still have a funeral and viewing, or you can hold a memorial service where the remains are not presented. However, if you do choose a viewing, embalming may be required.

What Happens to the Ashes after Cremation?

In cremation planning, memorial services can be planned to be held in one of various venues available. For example, a memorial service may be held at the mortuary, in a church, or at a place that was meaningful to the deceased. The ashes after cremation can be placed in a columbarium, buried, or kept in a family member’s home. Ashes are often placed in an urn. However, products are now featured that hold a loved one’s ashes in artwork or jewelry.

If you include a viewing in your cremation planning, you will need to include a casket in your plans. You may also opt for a container that is environmentally safe and combustible. You can obtain further direction in this respect by discussing your needs with the mortuary.

Make Sure Your Final Wishes are Carried Out per Your Preferences

As noted, cremation planning involves many choices, choices that are more limited when you choose an in-ground burial. So it is imperative that you pre plan your service to make sure everything is carried out exactly as you wish. Even if you choose a burial, you need to make sure that you and you alone make the decision for your funeral arrangements, including the payment.

When you plan a cremation or burial in advance, the price you pay is locked in at today’s costs in the marketplace. So by making arrangements ahead of time, you also save on the overall price. Don’t place an unnecessary financial hardship on your family. Make sure you pre plan a cremation or burial today. You can find out more information by visiting Leppert Mortuary & Crematory Services on the Internet or by contacting the mortuary by phone. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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